Cash on delivery

  • Cash on delivery (cash payment upon delivery)
    Payment is made directly to the courier driver when the order is delivered. You can see the total of your order in your confirmation email.
    When ordering new customers by cash on delivery, we only need to provide a valid telephone number.

If your order requires multiple packages, the first package will be sent cash on delivery with the total amount of the order. The following packages will be forwarded immediately after payment or after successful delivery. This process saves you as a customer the double cash on delivery fee.

Payment methods in the shop in Grou Mou GmbH

  • Cash on pickup
    If you collect your order personally from us, you can conveniently pay for your goods in cash.
  • Card payment option
    You can pay with us with EC-Card, Postcard and Visa-Card.

We look forward to your visit in our shop with showroom!