HY-PRO ‘ Coco A & B ‘ is a high-quality 2-component fertilizer containing all the necessary minerals and trace elements for a healthy plant life and a successful harvest.

During its life cycle, your plant has different nutritional needs.
HY-PRO ‘ Coco A & B ‘ already contains all the necessary nutritional elements
and is therefore used both during the growth and flowering phase.

The ratio (5mL per litre) remains the whole cycle, both during the growth and flowering period.
The product is suitable for the beginning, as well as for the experienced and professional grower.

HY-PRO ‘ Coco A & B ‘ provides a highly developed growth followed by a heavy flower formation.

Tips en Voordelen HY-PRO Coco A & B:

  • Suitable for both growth and flowering period
  • Can be used for Cocos
  • Use together with our Rootstimulator and Spraymix for optimal results
  • Highly concentrated, for use see diagram below
  • Always read the instructions on the label before use