The next generation in additives
Crops have the ability to selectively use minerals and trace elements. This capacity is related to climatic conditions, the quality of the crop, the quality of the elements offered and genetics. HY-PRO Generator contains the ideal mix of trace elements. These elements can help in optimum doses to make crops grow more consistently and thereby bear more fruit in bloom. The fruits can use these building blocks themselves to become bigger and denser.

Stimulates maximum growth and flowering
HY-PRO additives are highly concentrated. They mainly contain trace elements that are necessary and vital for plants. Like all HY-PRO products, the Generator recipe is composed in such a way that it is suitable for any soil or substrate. Hy-Pro Generator leaves no residue.

Always measure the EC and pH value before adding an additive. It is advised to use these products in combination with other HY-PRO products. Overdose is possible.

Hy-Pro Generator is highly concentrated, you only need to add 1 ml of Generator per 6 liters of nutrient solution.