Reduces the pH value of the pour water.

If the pH value of the pour water is too high, you can bring it down with pH. Too high pH value of the watering water/dietary solution hinders mineral absorption.

The acidity of your food mix is very important for plants; it determines the absorbability of nutrients. The value used to indicate the acidity is called pH. For most plants, the best pH value is between 5.5 and 6.0. It is also important that the pH value is stable. When the pH value fluctuates, the absorption of nutrients will not be stable. This can be seen in irregular growth of the plants.

After mixing the nutrients with the water and checking the EC, you must measure the pH value. If the pH is too high, add HY-PRO pH drops and stir well. Keep adjusting until the desired pH value is reached. (5.5 / 6.0). This makes it easy for the plant to absorb all available nutrients, which will result in a powerful plant with a higher yield.

Under legal requirements, potassium may only be offered in a lower concentration. That’s why we have our new product “phosphoric acid” in the HY-PRO range. It has the same properties and is highly concentrated. Plants absorb more phosphorus in bloom.