HY-PRO Spraymix helps plants to develop stronger and healthier leaves.
Leaf feeding is quickly absorbed by the leaves and our version contains a sophisticated formula of more than 25 different minerals and trace elements.

This makes your plant more resistant to:

  • Fungi such as mildew and botrytis
  • Attacks of sucking insects such as thrips
  • Harmful effects of too bright sunlight
  • Also helps to develop new leaves

Toepassing en dosering:

Shake well before use and then dilute the product with water in proportion: 5mL Spraymix with 1 liter of water. During the growing period, sprinkle the product on a daily basis on top and under the sheet (dripping wet)


  • Product does not spray on flowers, only use during growth
  • Spray always in the beginning of the morning as the sun just comes up
    or in the evening when the sun has just gone under
  • Store and use product at room temperature (18 °c-2O °c)
  • Created product to consume within 24-hours