Plagron Batmix is ​​based on the best and most carefully selected types of peat. By adding different types of fibers and perlite, an air and oxygen level is achieved that can only be expected from Plagron quality earth.

The abundant and unique Plagron worm fertilizer guarantees a high-quality organic life and a further improvement in the water balance. The main nutrient of Plagron Bat-mix is ​​bat manure (Bat-Guano). Bat manure is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium, which guarantees extremely vigorous flower development. Plagron Bat-mix contains sufficient nutrients for the complete cycle of the plants. Bat-Guano can only be processed into this Plagron quality product under perfectly controlled conditions. Attention! Soak before use.

No fertilizer needs to be added in the first 6 weeks. We recommend it anyway.