The ideal growing soil for seeds and cuttings. With its fine structure, the seed and cuttings soil is particularly suitable for seedlings and cuttings of flowers, plants and perennials. The low nutrient level and the high air content promote the rapid development of the root system and plant material.

Spread the soil evenly in the seed bowl. Moisten the soil slightly before you start sowing or sowing. This product is a special mixture and should therefore not be mixed with other potting soils.

Plagron cuttings soil has a very low EC value and an optimal pH value for the germination of seeds. The soil contains a balanced diet so that the roots of the plants can develop more quickly.

Suitable for sensitive young plants and cuttings Stimulates root development
Has a very low EC value and an optimal pH value

Composition of peat, black peat, peat fiber, guano peru, marl.
25 liter bag