Plagron Cocos Brix – hydro cultivation with stable pH
Cocos Brix is ​​the ideal substrate for growers who prefer a natural and extremely pure product. In contrast to other hydroponic substrates, Cocos Brix has a stable pH. In addition, Cocos Brix have a high water storage capacity, which is why less water has to be administered. Cocos Brix has the RHP quality mark.

Balanced nutrient intake.
Contains Trichoderma to protect against harmful mold composition. Buffered coconut chips, buffered coconut fibers.

Use and dosage
Add 1 piece of Cocos Brix to a bucket with 6 liters of water and knead the whole thing regularly. After 20 – 30 minutes this gives 9 liters of ready-to-use coconut substrate. Add nutrients to each watering and adjust the pH to 5.5.

Tips from Plagron
Mix Cocos Brix with Plagron substrates to improve the soil structure.
The substrate can be reused and is also suitable as a soil conditioner after reuse.
Combine Cocos Brix with Plagron Cocos A&B for an optimal result