Plagron Cocos Slabs are the ideal substrate for growers who prefer a natural and very pure product. The coconut fibers provide a stable, buffered pH value in contrast to other hydro substrates.

Cocos Slabs contain Trichoderma to protect against harmful fungi. Due to the good water retention properties of coconut fibers, you do not have to water as much as with other substrates. Plagron Cocos Slabs meet the highest standards and have the RHP quality mark.


  • Plagron Coco Slap 1m
  • With Trichoderma for protection against fungi
  • High water holding capacity
  • Fits in all Librabanks (flower box 1m)
  • Ideal for plants in Librabanks
  • For the perfect breeding on Coco Coconut clay
  • pH = 5.8

200 pieces per pallet