Eazy Plug 104 CT-104CF Cylinder 3×2.5×4.5cm box
Eazy Plug is a unique substrate that is suitable for all types of seeds and cuttings. It enables the easy cultivation of plants, flowers and herbs.

The organic substances that make up the substrate ensure an optimal air-water ratio, which enables the roots to develop quickly and vigorously. The substrate retains its solid shape so that the plants can be transplanted easily.

pH values ​​and CE values
Under normal conditions, Eazy Plug maintains its pre-defined and regulated pH (acidity) of 5.8, even if water or nutrients with other pH values ​​are added. As a result, Eazy Plug is less affected by user errors or device malfunctions. The CE value of Eazy Plug (1.0) is also stable.

Air to water ratio
It is practically impossible to over water Eazy Plug. This is due to the fact that Eazy Plug has the ability to excrete excess water and always maintains an optimal water-air ratio for the roots. It is therefore very important that the substrate does not come into direct contact with water and that the excess water can run off.

Eazy Plug absorbs a lot of moisture, even more than loose earth. This reduces the possibility that the plants will not receive enough water. The constant moisture level ensures that the plants can be grown in less time and are less affected by errors.

More robust plants
Especially since Eazy Plug regulates the properties of the water as well as the pH and CE values, the control is much easier. The plants cultivated in Eazy Plug are of high quality and you can postpone transplanting if you want.
During the generative phase, the dry matter content of the plant can be increased by adding less water to it. This makes the plant stronger and more robust, which translates into increased flowering.

Basic fertilization
Eazy Plug contains the basic fertilization for the first 2-3 weeks, which are vital for the development of the plants. You can then supply the plants with nutrients yourself. However, you can add nutrients and fertilizers right from the start.

The nutrition or supply of fertilizers does not differ from the method that e.g. is used when growing in rock wool or soil. However, the development of the plants shows great differences. Among other things, the possibility of errors in fertilization is significantly less than in rearing in rock wool or soil, because the pH and CE values ​​are automatically regulated.

Compatibility with rock wool
The composition and structure of Eazy Plug enable easy installation on or in rock wool. The roots grow easily from the Eazy Plug into the rock wool and the moisture level is maintained.

Firm texture
Eazy Plug always maintains its solid nature. Therefore, the risk of damaging the roots during classification, transplanting or replanting is minimal. As the plants take root quickly, the incidence of diseases is drastically reduced.

Dry texture
Eazy Plug is delivered dry and is therefore clean and ventilated. It is only stored for a short time and there is no risk of it forming mold. The dry Eazy Plug absorbs the water quickly and easily. It immediately regains its original properties.

Eazy Plug mainly consists of organic substances and is completely compostable. Therefore, it is easy to dispose of after use and can even be used to improve the floor.

Box with 6 trays
Dimension single tray 54x31x5.5cm
Dimension substrate cone diameter above 3cm / diameter below 2.5cm / height 4.5cm