Plant substrate Talpaplug 84 tray
Cultivation made easy. Small growing pots and soil were yesterday. Thanks to our ready-to-use Talpaplugs, you only have to sow or put them in and off you go.

The unique substrate is suitable for all types of seeds and seedlings and is the ideal solution for growing plants, flowers and herbs. 100% organic material, Talpaplugs ensure an optimal water-oxygen ratio and rapid and vigorous root growth, which encourages plant growth. This effect is reinforced by the special height of the valley paplugs.

Thanks to their high dimensional stability, Talpaplugs can be transplanted easily and easily. For further root formation, it is advisable to convert them into the tailor-made valley blocks with the same substrate composition.

Talpaplugs offer clear advantages
Larger plug height and larger plug volume for optimal root growth (e.g. also suitable for roses and other taproot roots) and higher chances of survival of the seedlings
Immediately ready for use · optimally fertilized
100% organic for an ideal water-oxygen ratio
Uniform water absorption despite high water absorption capacity
Exceptional dimensional stability prevents the substrate from crumbling
Available in different sizes for different types of plants
Talpaplugs are delivered in high quality valley patrays
Valley patrays stand on feet instead of directly on the floor. This ensures uniform drying and water management, but also optimal air circulation.
Special grooves in the valley patrays guarantee optimal root guidance for better plant growth
Suitable valley blocks for all plug sizes
84 Talpaplugs ready to plug in the Talpatray
Dimension tray 54x36x45cm