Eazy block
Organic growing block into which the plants rooted in the Easy Plug can be transferred. In addition to all the benefits of Eazy Plug, it offers more extensive regulation. The result is the formation of strong, distinctive and rapidly growing roots.

Eazy Block is characterized by the fact that it does not have a plastic cover and therefore there is a so-called “air pruning” of the roots. As a result, a dense and well-branched root system is formed.

The Eazy Block with the 3.8cm hole is especially suitable for inserting the 4x4cm plugs from Eazyplug and from Grodan.

EazyPlug Tray 77
Grodan plug-in tray 77
Eazy block
Eazy Block is organic growth medium with unimagined growth power and is still easy to use.

The Eazy Block® stimulates root growth and ensures an even growth of the plant thanks to the previously determined and stored pH and EC values, in combination with its excellent water-storing properties.

Water the Eazy Block to the point where the water drains off independently. Immerse the block or pour plenty of water into it. It is not necessary to squeeze out or dry the block, since the Eazy Block is self-regulating and stores exactly the required amount of water to ensure an optimal air-water ratio. A damp Eazy block feels heavier than a rock wool block. However, this is normal.

An Eazy Plug with cuttings or seeds fits exactly in the recess of the Eazy Block. You can just use it there.

Use the Eazy Block in the same way as the Rockwool blocks. The big difference is that the Eazy Block doesn’t have to be watered as often.

The Eazy Block is provided with a basic fertilizer. Thanks to the design, there is no over-fertilization and you can add the fertilizer right from the start.

No plastic sleeve
The Eazy Block was designed so that no plastic sleeve is required. This allows the roots that are in the blocks to develop absolutely advantageously thanks to the favorable air pruning. This stimulates the root formation in the block, so that the entire block grows with many fine roots instead of some large roots, as is known when using a conventional block and a sleeve.

Air pruning
Air pruning happens automatically as soon as the roots are exposed to fresh air with low humidity. This effectively stuffs the roots, which is why the plant will inevitably form new, branching roots. The result of Air Pruning is a tight and densely branched root structure in the Eazy Block, which results in a significantly more efficient absorption of water and nutrients and thus has a positive effect on the growth and general health of the plant. Use of the plastic lining (as with the rock wool blocks) ends in roots growing out of the block, which spread further between the block and the plastic shell, without a branched root structure.

Eazy Block is self-regulating
PH neutral with a value of 5.5 – 6.0. This value is balanced accordingly. Small deviations are corrected independently by the block. The Eazy Block is provided with a basic fertilizer. It has an optimal water-air ratio. If an excess of water can run off, it ensures the right amount of water. The Eazy Block stores water again and again, simply and easily. Even after it has completely dried out!

PH neutral 5.5 – 6.0
Contains basic fertilizers
Optimal water-air ratio
Good rewettability